Data Transfer from FT7/FT60/FT80/RS300X to

You can transfer data from your Polar FT7, FT60, FT80 or RS300X training computer to online training diary.
To transfer data you need also Polar FlowLink data transfer unit and WebSync software.

Download and install WebSync software from → Applications → Downloads. The installation wizard guides you through the installation.

After installing the WebSync software, follow the instructions below to synchronize your training computer for the first time.
1. Check that WebSync icon is shown on your computer taskbar/menu bar. If the icon is not shown, start the WebSync from desktop icon or in Mac OS X from Finder → Applications.
In Windows taskbar:

In Mac menubar:

WebSync icon is red if WebSync has not detected any training computers.
The icon turns to green after training computer(s) have been found.

Windows: Double-click the WebSync icon on the taskbar.
Mac OS X: Click the WebSync icon in menu bar.

3. Welcome window opens. Select Synchronize.

Training Computer is available only for RCX5.

You can also start synchronization by right-clicking/secondary clicking the WebSync icon and selecting Synchronize.

4. Connect data transfer unit window opens.
Plug FlowLink to the USB port of your computer. The DATA symbol turns yellow when FlowLink is connected to your computer.

Do not place FlowLink on a metallic base when transferring data.

If Connect data transfer unit window does not open, start synchronization by right-clicking/secondary clicking the WebSync icon and selecting Synchronize.

5. Set your training computer face down onto FlowLink. The ALIGN symbol in FlowLink turns green when the training computer is correctly aligned.

6. Enter your username and password.

If you select Remember me, synchronization starts automatically next time without asking your account information. Synchronization starts after your training computer is found and connected. This selection can be removed in WebSync Settings.You can select to open automatically after synchronization by ticking the box. If synchronization fails, does not open.If you have not yet registered at, click Click here to register link.Click Next / Continue.

7. Synchronization starts.

It is important that you do not move the training computer during the data transfer. Even a slight movement will disrupt the data transfer.

8. Synchronization completed message informs that synchronization has successfully completed.
Synchronization summary shows the data synchronized. Click to view complete list.

If synchronization fails, see troubleshooting for more information on how to proceed.
9. Click Close.

When transferring data next time, synchronization starts automatically, if you have selected Remember me. If synchronization does not start automatically, start it manually by right-clicking/secondary clicking the WebSync icon in taskbar/menu bar and selecting Synchronize.

If you have not selected Remember me, Enter username and password window opens when you place your training computer onto FlowLink next time. Continue from step 6. described above.

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