Customize RCX5 Settings with WebSync

WebSync software allows you easy access to your RCX5 training computer settings. With it, you can edit your user and device settings, add or remove sport profiles, and export training data to Polar ProTrainer 5 software.

Connect to WebSync

1. Windows users: Double-click the WebSync icon in your computer taskbar. Select Training Computer in Welcome window.
Mac OS X users: Secondary click WebSync icon in menu bar and select Training Computer.

2. Connect DataLink to your computer USB port and follow the given instructions.
For detailed instructions on how to edit training computer settings, please go to WebSync Help ? Training Computer Settings.
Editing RCX5 Settings

Connection icon (top left) is green when your training computer is connected, red when disconnected. If connection is lost and saving the settings fails, go to Connect ? Start synchronization on your RCX5 to reconnect.

About Sport Profiles

Your RCX5 has 5 default sport profiles:
- Running
- Cycling and Cycling 2
- Swimming
- Other sport

In addition to the 5 default ones, you can add up to 15 sport profiles of your very own. Whenever you add, remove, or edit your sport profiles, the changes are automatically sent to your account when you synchronize your training computer.

To create a new sport profile

1. Click Add sport in Sport Profile List.
2. Click the sport profile icon to edit the profile.
To delete a non-default sport profile, click on the sport profile icon.

A default sport profile cannot be deleted.

Customize your sport profile

General settings
In General settings you can edit:
- Name. Can be max. 14 characters
- Type. Here you can determine which sensors and what kind of training views are enabled for the sport profile.
- Icon. Sport profile icon is shown both on the training computer and in the training result view of your Diary. Default sport profiles have fixed names, types and icons.
- Hide in pre-training mode. This is a handy setting for a sport you only do occasionally, e.g. certain time of the year.
- Sensors. You can only enable sensors that are paired with your training computer and available for the selected sport profile.
For Cycling you can select the bike (1, 2 or 3) and activate speed and cadence sensors. When speed sensor is enabled, wheel size (mm) and Auto Start Training selections become available. Auto Start Training function starts and stops the training recording automatically when you start and stop cycling.

Training settings
In Training settings you can select
- Speed units
- Volume for Training Sounds
- Functionality for HeartTouch and Automatic Lap
- Reminder. Max. 10 characters. The reminder is displayed on RCX5 at set reminder alarm time.

Display settings
In Display settings you can customize six different training views for each sport profile. Available view items vary depending on which sensors you've paired with the training computer.

User settings
Enter your user settings accurately to get as precise feedback on your performance as possible. User settings transfer is bidirectional. This means that you can edit user settings either in the RCX5 or in When you sync your data, your most recent user settings will be available in both.

In User Settings you can edit
- weight
- height
- sex
- date of birth
- VO2max
- HRmax
- HRsit
- activity level

Device settings
In Device Settings you can edit
- General settings
– training computer buttons sounds (on/off)
- button lock (automatic/manual)
- units for training computer and WebSync
- language for training computer
- Power Save Mode mode.

Watch settings
In Watch settings you can edit
– time, date, date formatting
- alarm settings.

'Use computer time' selection fetches time settings from your computer.

Logo settings
Logo image can be jpg, .png, .gif and .bmp files. Use a black-and-white image of 64x30 pixel size if you can for best logo sharpness. If you cannot, the image is automatically scaled up or down to fit. Watch face can be edited here as well.

Training Data
You can export your training data to Polar ProTrainer 5 software. For detailed instructions, see: Data Export from RCX5/CS500 to ProTrainer 5