Customize Displays in RCX5


Customize your training computer display to show the information you want to see during training.
There are 6 different views, each with up to 4 rows of training information, that you can customize for each of the sport profiles.
You can customize the displays in RCX5 training computer according to instructions below or via WebSync software.

Zoom into the display
You can zoom into the upper or bottom row information to get a larger font.
If you zoom into the upper row OR bottom row, the display will show three rows of information.
If you zoom into both the upper row AND bottom row, the display will show two rows of information.

1. To zoom into the upper row information during training press and hold Up button. To cancel the upper row zoom, press and hold Up button.
2. To zoom into the bottom row information during training, press and hold Down button. To cancel the bottom row zoom, press and hold Down button.

Edit Displays in RCX5
1. In time mode, press Up button. Press Down button to select Settings. Press OK.
2. Sport Profiles is selected. Press OK.
3. Select the sport whose training views you want to edit. Press OK.
4. Press Up button until Set training views is selected. Press OK.
There are six different training views which you can personalize for each of the sport profiles. As default views 1 and 2 are set on, other views needs to be set on.

5. Press Up or Down button to select the display you want to and press OK.
If the training view is set Off, activate it by selecting On and press OK.

6. Select Modify and press OK to edit the view.
Upper row is blinking. Set the information with Up or Down button. Press OK.
The information available depends on the features that are activated on the training computer.

Repeat the same to change rest of the rows.

To restore the default settings for all displays, go to Training Views menu and select Restore default views.

To return to a time mode, press and hold Back button.

Quick Menu editing of current sport profile views
1. In time mode, press OK button.
2. Press and hold Light button. Quick Menu is shown. 3. Select e.g. Running settings (current sport settings) and press OK. 4. Select Set training views and press OK.

Please note the following exceptions

When training according to training target, transferred from, you get an extra view that cannot be edited.
Training view of programmed training session

Also Timing, Race Pace and Multisport views cannot be modified.

Timing view

You can set Timing view on/off via Quick Menu during training.
1. In time mode press OK button once to enter pre-training mode.
2. Select the desired sport
3. Press OK to start exercise recording.
4. Press and hold Light button. Quick Menu opens.
5. Select Set timing view on. Press OK.
Press Up/Down button until Timing View is shown.

Race Pace view
Appears only in Race Pace exercises.

Multisport view
Appears only in Multisport exercises.