Battery status in ProTrainer 5

You can check your battery status in Polar ProTrainer 5 for following products and their sensors:


  • Polar CS400

  • Polar CS600

  • Polar CS600X

  • Polar RS400

  • Polar RS800

  • Polar RS800CX

To check battery status of Polar product, of a W.I.N.D. sensor, or of Polar G3 GPS sensor:
1. Go to Tools Edit Polar Product Settings.
2. Once connection to the product is created, on General page you can see a graphical illustration of the battery status.

The status can be green (status OK)

or red (status LOW)

Make sure that you have enabled the sensor on the product to see its battery status in ProTrainer 5. For example, the S3 Stride Sensor needs to be set on at SettingsFeatures S sensor On.

If you alternate between using the S3 and the G3 GPS sensor, ProTrainer 5 will show the battery status for the sensor that has been used last.