Basic Information about GPS and Polar GPS Sensors

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Polar G5 and G1 GPS sensors are GPS receivers and they use the GPS (Navstar) system which enables the calculation of an accurate position anywhere on earth based on the special GPS satellite signals. The system is built and managed by U.S. Department of Defence and has free global use. The GPS receiver, like Polar G5 and G1 sensor, calculates its position by measuring the distance between itself and four or more GPS satellites. This enables accurate position measurement of the GPS receiver, and the speed and distance calculation from the different positions of the receiver.

GPS is widely used within aerospace, military, vehicle and personal navigation, map making, land surveying and science.

Polar G5 and G1 GPS sensors use SiRF Star III low power receiving chipset as the GPS solution, which is one of most sensitive and accurate solutions available today.