Attach Polar s3+ stride sensor holder on shoelaces

Polar s3+ stride sensor is compatible with Polar RCX5, RS800CX and RS800 training computers. New sensor holder can also be used with the Polar s3 stride sensor.


1. Undo your shoelaces and place the holder on top of the tongue of the shoe. Make sure the holder flap is facing upwards.

2. Thread the laces in through the holes on the sides of the holder and out through the hole on the bottom of the holder (Picture 1). Thread the laces through the small flap on the tongue of the shoe to ensure the holder does not move while running (Picture 2).

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

3. Tighten the laces.

4. Fit the front part of the sensor into the holder and press from the rear (Picture 3). Fasten the flap.

Picture 3.

5. Make sure the sensor does not move and is aligned with your foot. The more secure the sensor, the more accurately speed and distance is measured.

It is recommended to calibrate the sensor before using it for the first time, when there are significant changes in your running style and when the position of the sensor on the shoe changes, e.g. you have new shoes or you switch the sensor from your right shoe to your left one.