Active time with FA20


Polar FA20 guides you towards a more active lifestyle with its 24/7 Activity Measurement. It graphically shows your cumulative active time on display making it easy for you to follow your daily physical activity level. What is considered active time? The minimum recommendation is to engage in regular physical activity at least 30 minutes a day if you are to have health and fitness benefits from your activity. Any body movement you make that can be considered to give you these benefits is registered by FA20 when you wear it on your wrist and when your wrist moves with the rest of your body during the activity. This is why you get the best activity results if you walk, jog, or run, or engage in similar type of activity. Because the wrist needs to be moving, a jog with your child, where you pushed her in front of you in a carriage with your wrist stationary on the handlebar, is not register as active time.I ran up the stairs and don’t see it counted in. What happened? Your movement needs to be walking, jogging, or running type of activity. It needs to be brisk. While FA20 measures activity 24/7 but, it will only start counting the activity in when you’ve been doing it at least 2 minutes. So no quick dash to the mailbox, or sprint upstairs to get your keys will be counted. It’s too short.

I want to max the benefit I get with FA20. How do I do that?
If you want to maximize your FA20 use, record your training sessions. It’s a great way to learn more about the way your body responds to activity. After activity (or training), you can check in a stored file what time you started, what your total activity was, how many calories you burned, what distance you covered, and the time you ended up in a health and fitness beneficial intensity level. You’ll also get your active steps counted. For instructions, see the user manual.