Registering heart rate sensors

Both the Polar heart rate sensors and Flow-based devices need to be registered to the Polar GoFit web service before they are taken into use. If the sensors/devices have not been registered in the Polar GoFit web service, heart rate data cannot be transferred from them to the Polar GoFit application.

Please make sure you have the numbered stickers available for numbering the sensors when having registered them.

  • Log-in the GoFit web service (polargofit)
  • Go to School on the menu on the top
  • Go to the Sensors tab
  • Click the Register sensors button
  • Type the sensor/device ID and click Add sensor. A green tick appears next to the sensor ID to show that registration was successful.
  • Label the sensor/device with the sticker that has the number appearing on the left side of the sensor ID. The registered sensor/device appears on the sensor list identified by this number.
  • Repeat the steps as many times as needed to register all your sensors / devices.
  • Click Finish when you are done.

Flow-based devices need to be registered in Polar Flow service as well. Look at Can Flow-based Polar devices be used with Polar GoFit? for more information.

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