Polar Sleep Plus™ FAQs

How does Polar Sleep Plus™ detect when I fall asleep, and when I’m sleeping?

Sleep Plus automatically detects when you fall asleep, and when you’re sleeping based on the movements of your non-dominant hand with a built-in 3D accelerometer in your Polar device. You do not need to activate a separate sleep mode nor indicate when you’ve woken up.

Does Polar Sleep Plus™ detect naps?

Sleep Plus does not detect naps, so an afternoon nap, for example, is not included in the Sleep Plus metrics.

What is the minimum amount I need to sleep to get Polar Sleep Plus™ metrics?

Your sleep time, in other words the duration between when you fell asleep and woke up must be at least 4 hours to get Sleep Plus metrics.

I work shifts, and sleep during the day. Does Polar Sleep Plus™ also work for me?

Sleep Plus also recognizes if you sleep during the day so it also works for shift workers. If your longest sleep span is during the day Sleep Plus will spot it. However, Sleep Plus detects only one sleep span, the longest one, per day.

The time of the day you sleep does not affect the sleep detection. It only affects to which calendar day your sleep is logged in the Flow web service and app.

How to edit your Sleep Plus™ sleep time

You can edit your sleep time in the Flow web service or app. The maximum editing range is one hour longer from each end, or three hours shorter form each end.

Edit sleep time in Flow web service

  1. In the Flow web service go to Diary, and choose the Sleep tab.
  2. Choose the day you wish to edit.
  3. Choose , and then use the sliders at the ends of the sleep time to match your perceived wake-up time or fell asleep time.
  4. Choose Confirm when you’re done.

Edit sleep time in Flow app

    1. Go to Sleep view and tap in the middle of the data area. The view turns to landscape.

    2. Edit the sleep time by dragging the red buttons at the ends of the sleep time to match your perceived  wake-up time, for example.

    3. Tap Done when you're finished and the new sleep time syncs across the service and your Polar device at the next sync.

Please note that Polar Ignite uses the new Sleep Plus Stages sleep tracking. Unfortunately it is not possible to edit your sleep time in Polar Flow web service or app, if the sleep has been tracked with Polar Ignite.

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