Offset Calibration of Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart System

The Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart system calibrates itself automatically each time the transmitters wake up and a receiving Polar device is found. Calibration takes a couple of seconds.

Training temperature has an effect on the calibration accuracy, so make sure your bike’s temperature has become stable before you start the calibration. Take your transmitters to the training environment at least 15 minutes before use.

To calibrate the Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart system:

  1. Wake up the transmitters by rotating the cranks for five complete revolutions.
  2. Turn on the training wait mode in your receiving Polar device to start the calibration.
  3. Keep the bike upright and the cranks in place until the calibration is completed.
  4. Complete the calibration as guided by your receiving device.

To ensure the calibration is done properly:

  • Don’t put any weight on the pedals during calibration.
  • Don’t interrupt the calibration.

If you’re not sure the calibration was successful, or the temperature changes by more than 10 °C / 18 °F, do the calibration again manually.

You can start the manual calibration with your receiving device also during a training session.

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