Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart Maintenance

Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions on Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart maintenance.

Checking the Pedal Tightness

To ensure best measurement accuracy, check the pedal tightness on your Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart system approximately once every 500 km / 310 mi. If the pedals seem to have loosened up, tighten the pedals.

Before you start to tighten the pedals, have two spare cable ties ready, as you will probably have to cut the cable ties already in place.

To check the pedal tightness:

  1. Remove the transmitters.
  2. Place the pedal installation tool into the pedal axle so that its shaft is in line with the crank.
  3. Hold the tool in place and tighten the pedal locknut with an 18 mm wrench. The recommended tightening torque is 35 Nm / 25.8 lbf-ft.
  4. Repeat for both pedals.
  5. Re-install the transmitters.

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