How do I reset the M430?

If you experience problems with your M430, you can try restarting it. Restarting the M430 will not delete any of the settings or your personal data from the M430.

To restart the M430

You can restart your M430 from the device itself:

  1. Browse to Settings > General settings > About product > Restart device.
  2. Press the START button and then choose Yes to confirm the restart.

You can also restart the M430 by pressing and holding the UP, DOWN, BACK and LIGHT buttons simultaneously for five seconds until the Polar animation is shown on the display. After the reset, the M430 automatically goes to time view.

To reset the M430 to factory settings

If restarting your M430 didn't help, you can reset the M430 to factory settings. Note that resetting the M430 to factory settings empties all personal data and settings from the M430, and you need to set it up again for your personal use. All data that you have synced from your M430 to your Flow account is safe.

  1. Connect your M430 to the computer’s USB port.
  2. Open settings in FlowSync.
  3. Press the Factory Reset button.

Now you need to set up your M430 again, either via mobile or computer. Just remember to use the same Polar account in the setup you've used before resetting.

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