Free Multisport sport profile – How does it work?

The Free Multisport sport profile allows you to combine as many sports as you want into one session. You can switch between different sport profiles as many times as you want. For example, you could start off by running, then switch to gym, then to cycling and finish your session with running.  

How to start a free multisport session

  1. In time view, press START and scroll down to Free Multisport.
  2. Press START, and choose the sport you want start off with.
  3. Press START to begin your session. 

How to switch between sports during a free multiport session

  1. Press the BACK button.
  2. Choose a sport from the list.
  3. Press START to continue your session with the new sport.

Sync your session to the Flow web service to see a detailed breakdown of each sport included in your session.

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