Training Programs

You can choose from a variety of training programs in To get a training program customized to suit your needs go to Training Programs.

Available programs depend on the Polar product you have registered in Products.

You can have only one active training program in Please see Help for detailed instructions.

Running, Cycling, Outdoor and Fitness Programs
Click on Create program link and fill in the required information about your fitness level and goals. By answering honestly to the questions you will get the most suitable program for your fitness level and goals. The training program will automatically appear in your diary once you confirm your choices.

The starting date of the training program depends on the program. Most programs will start the next full week. If you create an event-based program, for example, the starting date is determined by how much time there is to the event (as calculated from the day you create the program) and how long is the program you are creating.

Only the Keeps U Fit – Own Workout Program targets can be transferred to Polar F55 Training Computer. Training program targets cannot be transferred to any other product.

Transferring the training result to alone will not update the program status. To have the program status updated on your Home page you need to merge your training result with the training program target.

STAR Training Program
The STAR Training Program is a personalized fitness program included in the Polar FT60 and FT80 training computers. You can activate the program in your training computer and then transfer it into The program cannot be created in Transfer your training results from your FT60 or FT80 to and the program status is updated to your Diary and Home page.

Endurance Program
Create a training program that will help you improve your endurance by guiding with the amount and intensity of training that is suitable for your individual fitness level. Create a program in the web and transfer the program schedule into your training computer. The program can be transferred only to Polar RCX5 training computer.

For more information see Help.

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