How do I transfer data from to the Polar Flow web service?

You can transfer the training results and fitness test results of the following Polar products: CS500, CS600X, FT7, FT40, FT60, FT80, RS300X, RS800CX, RC3 GPS, RCX3 and RCX5. It’s possible to transfer either a single training result or all the results at a time. It is also possible to transfer fitness test results.

You can log into Polar Flow with your username and password. The training and fitness test results are transferred from your account to the corresponding account in Polar Flow (the account with the same username and password). Note, that you can’t choose the account you transfer the results to.

If you edit the fitness test in after transferring it, you can transfer the changes to Polar Flow by transferring the result again from Note that exercise results can only be transferred once: the transfer can be tried again only if the exercise transfer has not succeeded in the earlier attempts.

Please note that there are feature differences between and Polar Flow. Polar Flow has features that are not available in, but has features that aren’t available in Polar Flow as well. In addition, there are some differences within the features: e.g., the amount and limits of heart rate zones can be different in and Flow services.

The improved exercise transfer tool doesn’t show which training results have already been transferred to Flow service with the previous data transfer tool. However, if you try to transfer an exercise result that is already transferred to Flow, the tool recognizes that when the exercise transfer is started. Hence, a single exercise in service will only be shown once in Polar Flow service, there is no risk of exercises duplicating on the exercise transfer process.


Transferring training results

Go to Training > Transfer exercises.

If you have unmapped sports, it is recommended that you map the sports in service to the corresponding sport profiles in Polar Flow service. If the mapping is not done, exercises are transferred to Flow with Other sport profile.

To map sports:

  1. Click the to sport mappings link. 
  2. On the left side you can see the sports in service. On the right side you can select the corresponding sport profile in Polar Flow service from the drop down menu. 
  3. Remember to save the mappings once you are finished mapping the sports.

When back at the Exercise transfer to Polar Flow view, you can see all your exercises in service. You can limit the exercises shown at once by selecting a time span.

  1. Tick the exercises you wish to transfer to Polar Flow. You can also select all exercises by clicking the button Select all below the exercises.
  2. Click Transfer to Flow. You can continue your usage: the exercise transfers are processed on the background. 
  3. You can see the transfer status of single exercises on the Transfer status column. Also, you can see the overall transfer statistics in the bar on top of the results.​


Transferring Fitness Test Result (OwnIndex i.e. VO2max)

  1. In, go to Training > Diary.
  2. Open a Fitness Data item.

    For the transfer to succeed, the Fitness Data item must include an OwnIndex value.

    Fitness data that has already been transferred is marked with a green checkmark at the bottom of the fitness data view.

  3. Click the Transfer to Flow button.

  4. Confirm the transfer by clicking Yes.

  5. Transfer succeeded. Click OK.

If This fitness test is already there in Polar Flow. is shown, you’ve already transferred it to Polar Flow.

If There was an error with transferring the Fitness test to Flow. Please try again later. is shown, there may be problems with the internet connection or with the data transfer functionality. Make sure you can access web service or try again later.

If Physical settings missing from Flow web service. Please check settings in Flow. is shown, sign into the Flow web service, click your name/profile photo and select Settings. Fill in your physical settings.

There are some technical differences between and Polar Flow web service. That's why all the data you have in may not be compatible with Polar Flow. If your Fitness Data item includes such data, will let you know it's not possible to transfer it to Polar Flow.

Data transfer limitations

Since there are differences between the Polar Flow web service and, all data is not shown in the Polar Flow web service. Please see the limitations below.

Training results

The following data of your training results can’t be transferred: •

  • Training session name
  • Maximum incline
  • Fit/fat zones for Polar FT40 and FT7
  • Barometer
  • Temperature value of the laps
  • Strength training movements
  • Commenting laps

Heart rate zone limits

It is possible to have different amount of heart rate zones in service than in Polar Flow. Also the heart rate zone limits in may be different from the limits in Polar Flow. In case the limits need to be adjusted to suit the Polar Flow service, it is done automatically during the transfer.

Heart rate data filtering

If the connection between your heart rate sensor and training device is lost for a moment during training i.e. your heart rate is zero for a moment, filters out the 0-readings. This means that momentary 0-readings don’t affect training data and aren’t shown on the heart rate curve. The Polar Flow web service doesn’t yet have this filtering feature, so the 0-readings are shown and the heart rate curve looks different in Polar Flow compared to

Average and max values

Average and max values are shown to different types of data, like heart rate, speed and altitude. Differences between and Polar Flow service are possible, e.g., it has been possible for users to edit the values in service, which is not supported by Polar Flow. In case the values need to be adjusted to suit the Polar Flow service, it is done automatically during the transfer.

Progress reports

Progress reporting is different in and Polar Flow services. The transferred data is not taken into account in the progress reports in Polar Flow service.

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