Troubleshooting Polar Team Pro

When signing into the Team Pro app, Couldn’t sign in (Network connection error. Please try again.) is displayed.

Make sure you have an internet connection, and try again.

The Polar Pro sensor display is blank when worn. No heart rate symbol or player number is shown.

  • Make sure the sensor is worn correctly.
  • Are the electrode areas of the strap moistened?
  • Are you wearing the sensor right side up?
  • Are wearing the strap firmly around your chest?
  • Is contact between the electrode areas of the strap and your skin good enough?

Try the following:

  • Wet the electrode area of the strap, and attach it firmly around your chest.
  • Transfer training data from the sensor by syncing it with Team Pro app.
  • Recharge the sensor.

GPS fix isn’t found.

Make sure you are using the right sport profile. GPS is switched off in indoor sports.

Heart rate data is not shown on the Team Pro app.

  • Make sure the sensor is worn correctly.
  • Make sure the right player is wearing the right sensor.
  • Make sure your iPad has Bluetooth set on.

The Polar Pro sensor does not charge.

Make sure the sensor is properly snapped into place.

Data does not sync from the app to the web service.

Make sure your iPad is connected to the internet.

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