Polar GoFit compatible devices

The Polar GoFit app uses Bluetooth® technology and is compatible with many Polar heart rate sensors.

Polar HR sensors compatible with GoFit:

  • H9, H10 and OH1
  • H6 and H7 are also compatible but are no longer being sold

The following Flow-based Polar devices can be used as optical HR sensor with Polar GoFit:


Polar HR sensors:

  • HR sensors are used with textile chest straps or armbands. Straps and armbands are available in sizes XS-S and M-XXL.
  • 10-KIT available

Flow-based devices:

Both the Polar heart rate sensors and Flow-based devices need to be registered to GoFit web service before they are taken into use. If the sensors/devices have not been registered in GoFit, heart rate data cannot be transferred from them to Polar GoFit applications.

Flow-based devices can be used as OHR sensors in the GoFit service, other features of the devices can be utilized in the Polar Flow service.

“Heart rate visible to other devices” functionality in Polar Flow needs to be set on in all sport profiles before the device or the sport profile can be used in the GoFit application.

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