Can I change the battery on my Polar device?

Battery life time depends highly on how much you use the device. For estimated average battery life of your Polar device, please refer to product user manual.

For many Polar devices the battery is inserted at the factory. In the package, even though not active, the battery still has shelf life. The actual life of the first battery, once the product is in your possession, can therefore feel shorter than what is estimated in the user manual.

Depending on the model of your Polar device you can either change the battery yourself or you need to have it changed by a Polar Central Service that only uses Polar-approved components. With every battery change, Polar performs a full periodic and water resistance check.

You can change the battery yourself to these devices:

  • H1 / H9 / H10 heart rate sensor
  • Polar Balance

These devices have a rechargeable battery that you cannot replace yourself:

  • Grit X
  • Grit X Pro
  • Grit X2 Pro
  • Ignite*
  • Ignite 2*
  • Ignite 3*
  • M200*
  • M400
  • M430
  • M460*
  • OH1*
  • Pacer*
  • Pacer Pro*
  • Unite*
  • V650*
  • Vantage M*
  • Vantage M2*
  • Vantage V
  • Vantage V2
  • Vantage V3
  • Verity Sense*

*The battery cannot be replaced. At the end of the battery's life cycle, the entire device must be replaced.

 When changing the battery, replace the sealing ring if it seems damaged. Please refer to user manual for closer instructions.

Excessive use of the backlight and sounds reduces battery life.
In cold conditions, the low battery indicator may appear but will disappear when the temperature rises.
If your device has a data transfer feature, transfer all data from your device to related software/web service to avoid data loss.

Battery disposal

Polar recycles batteries as part of our commitment to the preservation of the environment. When changing the battery yourself, please follow your local recycling regulations for safe disposal.

See Polar Environmental Policy here.

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