How do I pair my Polar V800 with the Polar Flow app?

 Polar V800 is compatible with Polar Flow app v.2.0 and later for iOS and with Polar Flow app v.2.0 and later for Android.

Before pairing, make sure:

  • you have registered your Polar V800 in the Polar Flow web service with your computer
  • your mobile device has Bluetooth turned on, and airplane mode is not turned on

To pair a mobile device:

  1. On your mobile device, open the Polar Flow app and sign in with your Polar account.
  2. Wait for the Connect product view to appear on your mobile device (Waiting for V800 is displayed).
  3. On V800, press and hold the BACK button. Or go to Settings > General settings > Pair and sync > Pair and sync mobile device and press START.
  4. Once your device is found, the device ID Polar mobile xxxxxxxx is displayed on V800.
  5. Press START, Connecting to device is displayed, followed by Connecting to app.
  6. Accept the Bluetooth pairing request on your mobile device and type in the pin code shown on your V800.
  7. Pairing completed is displayed on your V800 when you are done, and your Training diary will open in the Polar Flow app.

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