Connecting Polar Beat with Apple Health

Polar Beat app for iOS is compatible with Apple’s Health app. There you can collect and view health-related data from compatible apps and devices.

  1. Install or update the Polar Beat app from the Apple’s App Store and start the app. 
  2. Go to Settings and tap Apple Health.

  3. Tap Connect to establish the connection.
  4. Allow Polar Beat access to write data within the Health app. Toggle the buttons to the right as in the picture below and tap Allow:

    The following data from training sessions is synced: Sport ID (in session field and as activity segment), Training session statistics, Calories total, Distance total, Training session heart rate samples. Only heart rate and training data is synched from Beat to Apple Health. Activity data is not included since Beat does not generate any activity data.
    No actual data from the Health app is transferred back to the Beat app.

In case data is not transferred, you can try reinstalling the Beat app. After reinstalling the app, Apple Health does not show any data from Polar Beat until new data is synchronized.

​Any time you want to disconnect from Apple Health, open the Health app, tap your profile: Privacy > Apps, select Polar Beat and toggle the buttons to the left.

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