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Individualized health and physical education with heart rate measuring and fitness assessment.

Polar GoFit is a physical education ecosystem with heart rate measuring and fitness assessments. It enables you to view, analyze and evaluate your students’ physical activity easily online. It helps you to motivate them to live a healthy lifestyle and give them lessons they will remember – lessons for life.

Polar GoFit consists of two parts: the Polar GoFit web service ( and the Polar GoFit application.

The Polar GoFit web service is used to:

  • manage teacher and student accounts
  • manage the school’s heart rate measurement devices
  • manage evaluation types
  • hold heart rate courses, and to manage course settings and participants
  • hold fitness tests
  • get course summaries
  • get Course Evaluation and Student Details reports
  • get School reports.

The Polar GoFit application is used to:

  • hold heart rate lessons related to heart rate courses
  • monitor students’ heart rates during lessons
  • get instant feedback after heart rate lessons.

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