Does my Polar watch sync with the Polar Flow app automatically?

Your watch automatically syncs with the Polar Flow app once an hour if your phone is within the Bluetooth range. The automatic sync is done also when you finish a training session or change the settings on your watch.

If the automatic sync doesn't work, please make sure that:

  • The Polar Flow app is running at least in the background
  • Your phone is within the range of 10 m/33 ft from your watch
  • Bluetooth is turned on in your phone settings and it is working
  • Android phone users: Disabling power save mode and background restrictions for the Polar Flow app in your Android device may be required for the sync to work.

You can also sync data manually with Flow app by pressing and holding the BACK button of your watch when you're signed in to the Flow app and your phone is within the Bluetooth range.


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