Which third-party power sensors are compatible with Polar V800?

The compatibility table below shows which third-party power sensors you can use with your V800, and which of their metrics are supported.

  • The metrics marked with (X) are supported by your V800.
  • The metrics marked with (-) are not supported by your V800.
  • The metrics marked with (est.) are provided with an estimated value.
  • The metrics marked with (opt) are optional estimations provided by the sensor, supported by V800.
  • The metrics marked with a blank space are not available in the sensor.

We have tested the compatibility of V800 with third-party power sensors in close co-operation with the sensor manufacturers.

Please make sure that you use the latest firmware both in your V800 and in the third-party power sensor.

Sensor Power Cadence Speed Balance Vector Min/Max Force Dead Spots Angles Offset calibration
Favero Assioma X X   X       X***
Powertap C1 X X   (est.)       X
Powertap G3* X (est.) X         X
Powertap P1 X X     -     X
Powertap P1S X X           X
Stages cycling** X X           X
Rotor 2INpower X X   X - - - X
Quarq DZero X X   (est.) -     X
Quarq DFour X X   (est.) -     X
Power2Max NG X X   (est.) -     X
Power2Max NG Eco X X   (opt)       X
Polar LOOK Kéo Power X X   X - X X X


* Powertap G3: Bluetooth only and Dual models are supported, ANT+ only model is not supported.

** Stages: V800 is compatible with Stages Gen 1 and Gen 2 Power meter from version 2.0.76 onwards. SW update done (v.2.0.78), check Stages update page. V800 is not compatible with Stages Gen 3.

***Favero Assioma: Before doing the calibration, pedal a few rotations after your Polar device has found the sensor signal.

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