What if there are gaps in student's heart rate data?

Disturbances in Bluetooth connection may sometimes cause gaps in a student's heart rate data. By checking the student's saved data percentages, you can see if somebody's missing a lot of data.

Polar GoFit UI saved data percentages

If the student was wearing a watch, you can fill in the gaps afterwards by syncing the watch with Polar GoFit app after the training session.

To sync a watch:

  • make sure it's within your iPad's Bluetooth range
  • tap the Sync button in the Sync watches screen
  • start sync from the watch

To be able to retrieve complete heart rate data from student's watch make sure that:

  • If watches are showing incorrect time they need to be synced with Polar GoFit app before the class starts.
  • Students start training session from their watches (pre-training mode is not enough, they need to start the training session by using one of the indoor sport profiles).
  • Teacher starts the lesson from Polar GoFit app.
  • Teacher stops the lesson from Polar GoFit app.
  • Students stop training session from their watches.
  • Watches are synced with Polar GoFit app.
  • You'll get a Bluetooth Pairing Request from your iPad/Chromebook the first time you sync your watch with the Polar GoFit app. Accept the pairing request.

Please note that it is not possible to sync Polar heart rate sensors (H9, H10, OH1 or Verity Sense) with Polar GoFit app.

Syncing the watch with the Polar GoFit app after a training session is not possible with older Polar watches (A370 and M200) when using the Polar GoFit Chromebook app or Polar GoFit iPad app 3.0.0 (or later).

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