Voice guidance in Polar Flow app

Voice guidance is a feature that helps you get relevant training data straight to your headphones while training. It removes the need to look at the watch during the workout. You may be wearing layers of clothing that cover your watch, your hands may be occupied, or the conditions may be so that it's hard to see what's on the screen. Many of us already work out listening to music anyway, so we are already wearing headphones.

This feature provides in audio format the information that the watch already records. It's not just feedback, but rather it aims at helping you focus on your training and reach your goals, and this is why we call it voice guidance.

The information you get in audio format includes lap details, changes in heart rate, and guidance during training phases. What language is used depends on the phone's language.

The data comes from the watch to your phone, which then utilizes a text-to-speech generator to send the audio signal to your headphones.

Voice guidance gives stats and guidance during your training when your phone is in range of your Polar device.


Currently Voice guidance is available for Grit X2 Pro, Ignite 3 and Vantage V3.

To set Voice guidance ON

  1. Open the Flow app and go to Devices menu and choose your device.
  2. Scroll down to the Voice guidance and tap it to open it.

  3. Turn on the types of guidance you'd like to hear during training.

    Selection Guidance
    Voice guidance Device status
    Training status
    Heart rate sensor status notifications
    Training summary
    Automatic pause
    Training guidance Data on training targets during training phases
    Fitspark strength & mobility exercises
    Laps Details on each lap (manual or automatic) once completed
    Zones Heart rate zone changes

    You can also change the voice speed and test it in the app on iOS. On Android tapping Text-to-speech settings takes you to phone's Text-to-speech settings where you can modifiy the voice even further.
  4. When you are ready with the settings, tap Done or back arrow on Android.

Start your training session and remember to keep your phone near you during training to get voice guidance.​

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