V800 1.8.31 firmware update - the outdoor re-release


The 1.8.31 firmware version is out now with new languages, route guidance enhancements, GPS based updates along with several improvements and fixes. This is a re-release of the 1.8.15 firmware update that was withdrawn shortly after its release last week. The issue has been fixed, and you can now enjoy the new features!

New languages

From now on speakers of Czech, Turkish and Indonesian can use V800 in their languages.

Route Guidance feature enhancements

We’ve improved the look and usability of the route guidance feature. In addition, you can now start a route from the middle or from the end.  

30 second GPS recording rate

A new medium accuracy 30 sec GPS recording rate was added, giving you about 20 hours of GPS training time.  This gives you another option to get more training time but with better accuracy than with power save mode.

Incline data based on GPS

This release also brings incline details based on GPS data that can be viewed during training. To see your incline during training, add incline to the training view in the Flow web service Sport Profiles.

Other improvements/fixes included in this release

  • Autolaps enabled to both GPS Low Power modes
  • Training target information shown in Start mode
  • Trophy icon shown in time mode when Event target is completed
  • Synchronizing with iPhone 7, fixed
  • Orthostatic test result was not saved when total amount of test results exceeded 60, fixed
  • Few GPS coordinates were saved although GPS is set OFF, fixed
  • Vibration was missing from the beginning of an alarm, fixed
  • Percentage value wasn't shown on activity bar in Diary, fixed
  • Other quality improvements and bug fixes

Older Polar V800 release notes are available here

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