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Training for a particular event or just in a need for some running guidance? Whether you’re running your first 5k or aiming for a marathon, running programs by Polar will help you get ready, and coach you all the way to the finish line.

The Running Program is tailored for your goal, based on Polar heart rate zones, taking your personal attributes and training background into account. The program is intelligent, it adapts along the way based on your development.

The Polar Running Programs are available for 5 k, 10 k, half marathon and marathon events, and consist of two to five running exercises per week depending on the program. It’s super simple! The program gives you running targets for each scheduled session, so the only thing left for you to do is to tie your laces and go for a run while following the instructions on your Polar device. In addition to the running sessions, there are strength, core, and mobility exercises from three different levels to support your development along the way.


You can perform the program with all Flow compatible Polar devices. As heart rate measurement is required for the program, you’ll need a compatible heart rate sensor or a A360 to measure your wrist based heart rate.

You can keep track of the planned targets from your Flow app as well and also play the strength, core, and mobility exercise videos on the go! Just make sure you have the latest Flow app (iOS & Android 3.1 or later) on your mobile when you start the program.

To get started

Excited yet? The Get started with Running Program video will guide you through how easy it is to set up the program and get started. For written instructions, the Polar Running Program –support document will guide you step by step how to take the program into use.

Have you seen Polar’s new running section containing Training advice, tips, plans & motivational content developed for runners?

-Team Polar

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