STRAVA integration with Polar Flow


The wait is over! We are so happy to let you know that we have now finalized the Strava integration with Polar Flow. This means you can now automatically transfer your training sessions to Strava from the Flow web service.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to your Polar Flow account
  2. Go to settings in Flow
  3. Choose to ‘connect’ with Strava
  4. Accept the terms from the pop-up
  5. Strava opens up automatically after accepting the term. Sign in to your Strava account and authorize the connection from Strava as well
  6. You’re ready to roll!

After you have connected your Flow account to Strava, your training sessions are transferred automatically to Strava from that day onwards. If you want to transfer your earlier sessions from Flow to Strava, you can use the export function in our Flow service.


Just a heads up: Privacy settings differ slightly in Strava compared to our Flow web service;

  • If the privacy setting of your training sessions in Polar Flow is “Followers" or "Private", they will be private in Strava.
  • If you’ve set the privacy of your training sessions as "Public" in Polar Flow your training sessions will be synced as public to Strava as well.

Check out more practicalities of the Strava connection from our support document.


-Team Polar


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