Speed and distance for Polar A360


The Polar A360 now comes with the ability to measure your speed and distance based on the movement of your wrist – indoors and out, as long as you use any of the running or basic walking sport profiles. No GPS is needed.

Just update your Polar A360 to software version 1.2.25 and make sure to specify your handedness and other physical settings for accurate readings. When you’re ready, choose one of the running or basic walking sport profiles and you’re good to go!

You can follow your speed and traveled distance from your A360 during your training by swiping the screen. Or you can check out the summaries afterwards either from your wrist or explore them from your Polar Flow app.


Polar M400 and Polar V800 owners! Stay tuned as we're also bringing wrist based speed and distance measurement to your wrists too!

-Team Polar

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