Smart Notifications for Android - Polar Loop 2


We’re excited to announce that Android Smart Notifications will roll out with the Polar Loop 2. When Smart Notifications are activated, the Polar Loop 2 notifies you about incoming calls, messages or your phone’s calendar reminders by gently vibrating and showing you is it a call, message or a reminder.

Firstly, check that your Android operating system is running the latest Android software version (5.0 required).  Then, to get started, update your Polar Loop 2 software to version 1.1 using FlowSync on your computer.  Then make sure your Flow app on your Android device is updated to the latest version 2.4. This is the version of the application that includes the Smart Notifications feature so be sure it’s updated!

After all the software is up to date - follow the below steps to set the Smart Notifications feature ON in the Polar Flow app:Loop2 smart notifications

  1. Open the Polar Flow mobile app.
  2. Sync your Polar Loop 2 with the mobile app by tapping the touch button of your Polar Loop 2.
  3. Go to Settings > Notifications.
  4. Under Smart notifications choose ON (no preview) or OFF.

When you turn Smart notifications on, you will be guided to enable the notifications on your  phone (i.e. give Polar Flow app an access to your phone notifications), if you haven’t  enabled  them. Enable notifications? is shown. Tap Enable. Then choose Polar Flow and tap OK.

  1. Sync your Polar Loop 2 with the mobile app by tapping the touch button of your Polar Loop 2.
  2. NOTIFICATIONS ON or NOTIFICATIONS OFF is shown on your Polar Loop 2 display.

Whenever you change the notification settings on the Polar Flow mobile app, remember to sync your Polar Loop 2 with the mobile app. If you feel there are too many notifications streaming in, you can use the new block apps feature in the Flow app to disable the notifications one by one.

For instructions and more detailed tips on how to use the Smart Notifications on your Polar Loop 2, check out this document.

As the Android operating system is very fragmented there might be some differences to the functionality of the Smart Notifications depending on the phone model. You can find the list of fully tested phone models from this support document.

Polar V800 users, hold on to your socks since you’re next in line to get the Android notifications streaming on your wrist during the upcoming weeks! Polar M400 owners; rest assured we haven’t forgotten about you either! These are under works for you too and will reach the other Smart Notification supported devices during the upcoming months.


Flow app Android version number: 2.4

For detailed release notes visit Flow app Release Notes for Android.


-Team Polar



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