Release 1.3 for Polar V800 and M400 is out now with speed and pace zones feature


Polar’s software release 1.3 is out now with the long-awaited Android support and - as promised - new speed and pace training zones for V800 and M400 users. FlowApp for Android 2.0 is available from Play store on New Year’s Eve, Wednesday 31st. This release brings updates throughout our entire ecosystem.  In this release we also made some small changes to Bluetooth Smart communication with mobile, therefore FlowApp iOS needs to be updated to version 2.2.1 for pairing to work.

Along with the speed and pace zones we’ve also made some small but nifty improvements to V800 pool swimming, where we’ve improved turn detection and fixed the algorithm to better serve all you fast swimmers as well. We also took your feedback to heart and modified the night time mode of inactivity alert. Lap info is also updated with average heart rate. And Polar M400 has also got a few GPS fixes.

Speed and pace zones are a new way of guiding the efficiency of your training during sessions. They help you mix up your training with different training intensities for optimal effects.  The speed and pace zones work just like heart rate zones, however the intensity of your training is based on your speed or pace, rather than your heart rate. You can set your zone limits in Flow sport profiles and create training targets based on these zones. After synchronizing the zones and targets you’ll receive guidance from your training device during training. After you have finished your session, you can analyze the intensity of your training in Flow.

The speed and pace zones are supported in running, cycling, rowing and canoeing sports. Just like heart rate zones, you can edit the limits for each sport individually or use Polar’s default limits. The default limits are, however, not based on your personal data, so if you have tested your actual thresholds, such as anaerobic and aerobic thresholds, or upper and lower lactate thresholds, you can train with zones based on your individual threshold speed or pace. We recommend that you set your anaerobic threshold speed and pace as the minimum for zone 5. If you also use aerobic threshold, set that as the minimum of zone 3. The minimum of zone 4 is halfway between zones 3 and 5.

Happy training!

-Team Polar


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