Pro Trainer 5 training export to Polar Flow


We could call today’s release somewhat a historical one: along with this release we are proud to serve our life long Polar customers by providing the opportunity to transfer their years of training files from Pro Trainer 5 software to Polar Flow. And as a bonus, we’ve made it super simple!

Start by updating your Pro Trainer 5 software on your computer. Instructions and the updated software can be found from here.

After you have updated the software, you’ll find the new selection ‘Transfer to Polar Flow…’ under the ‘File’ menu.

Before you can start the export, you need to have an existing Flow account. If you have an account, proceed to ‘Sign-in’ from the offered selection in Pro Trainer 5. If you don’t have a Flow account yet, choose the “Register to Polar Flow” and create an account. Don’t worry, it’ll guide you back to Pro Trainer 5 after registering has been completed. After Flow account details have been inserted into Pro Trainer 5, choose the wanted date frame you want to export your training files. Next the system asks you to match the sports – this just to make sure they match with the sport profiles currently in Polar Flow. Then just hit ”Transfer”, sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

Detailed instructions how to transfer your training data and limitation descriptions can be found behind this link.

Heads up! All the exported training sessions from Pro Trainer 5 will automatically be set as private in Flow so the exported training sessions won’t flood your follower’s Flow feed. After the export you can choose which exported training sessions you want to share with your followers and public. You can find the instructions how to manage the privacy settings in Flow using this link: How to manage privacy in the Polar Flow web service.


-Team Polar

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