Polar V800 software update (version 1.7.15) withdrawn from distribution


Just to give you an update about the situation related to the earlier released Polar V800 software (version 1.7.15) which was withdrawn from distribution. As soon as we had released the software it soon came to our attention that some users had encountered problems during the firmware update. We decided immediately to withdraw the software and start the investigation why it is doing so for some users. We’ve made progress in finding the root cause for the problem and working hard to get the fixed software available along with the long awaited wrist cadence.

If you tried to update your V800 to version 1.7.15 before the withdrawal and encountered problems, please contact your local Polar distributor for further assistance.

For those of you who successfully updated your Polar V800, without encountering technical difficulty—rest assured that your Polar V800 was not, and will not, be affected.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


-Team Polar



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