Polar V800 software update including Android Smart Notifications


Android Smart Notifications

The Polar V800 now supports Smart Notifications also for Android. Just make sure you have the following software versions to be able to take the notifications into use:

  • Android 5.0 or later
  • Flow app for Android 2.4.1
  • V800 software 1.6

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Polar Flow mobile app.
  2. Sync your Polar V800 with the mobile app by pressing and holding the BACK button of your Polar V800.
  3. Go to Settings > Notifications.
  4. Under Smart notifications choose ON or OFF.When you turn Smart notifications on, you will be guided to enable the notifications on your phone (i.e. give Polar Flow app an access to your phone notifications), if you haven’t enabled them. Enable notifications?  is shown. Tap Enable. Then choose Polar Flow and tap OK.
  5. Sync your Polar V800 with the mobile app by pressing and holding the BACK button of your Polar V800.

Remember to sync your V800 with the mobile app whenever you change the notification settings on the Polar Flow mobile app.

In Polar Flow app you can block notifications from certain apps. As soon as you’ve received the first notification from an app to your V800, the app will be listed in Settings > Notifications > Block apps and you can block it if you wish.

More detailed instructions about using the Smart Notifications for Android can be found from this handy document.

Here’s a handy trick for future use;  you may experience that the Smart Notifications might stop sending notifications to your V800 when the phone disconnects from a network. In this case you just need to reboot the notification access for the Flow app from your phone by disabling it and then setting it back ON again. If that doesn’t help, you can try the same trick for your phone’s Bluetooth - set the Bluetooth OFF and then back ON.

Polar V800 software (1.6) update

Also other nice improvements are included in this V800 software update which of course is available for all V800 users. For instance, if there is a need to pause your training, in addition to the already shown heart rate and duration, you can now also see your travelled distance and burned calories on the paused screen.  We also did a nice nip and tuck and made it possible to turn off the back light if wanted.

Are you using the phased target feature? Well, you’ll be thrilled to hear that we’ve added also a vibration alarm after each phase to better indicate that the phase is soon to be ending.

Also a few sync related bugs have been fixed in this release. The slow sync to the iOS Flow app has been speeded up and a few pairing and sync problems to the Android OS have also been solved. For detailed descriptions about the bug fixes and smaller improvements can be found from the V800 Release Notes.

v800Android SN

-Team Polar

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