Polar V800 software update fixed with running cadence


The software release for the Polar V800 which was earlier pulled back has now been fixed and is available for download. We apologize for the delay and for the trouble caused for some by the previous release.

A new FlowSync version is offered when you start to sync your V800 with the computer. Be sure to finalize the FlowSync update and then continue to update the new V800 software to version 1.7.18. After the updates, go to the Flow web service and add cadence to your V800’s training view from the sport profiles. Polar V800 calculates the running cadence for all sports that support the running cadence feature, such as running, walking, jogging etc. Remember to also sync the new settings to your V800.

It’s important that you wear your V800 on the same hand that you have set in your product settings. Check the handedness either from the V800 General Settings or in the Flow web service from Products > V800 Settings.

For more information on following your cadence, have a look at the how to utilize running cadence in your training document.


What else is included in the 1.7.18 software update?

After this release, the V800 also has a feature which allows you to see today’s set training target in pre-training mode before you start your session.

Another feature we’ve been working on is the automatic pause with speed control. This means you can now set the desired speed yourself when you want the automatic pause to be activated. You can set this limit from the V800 sport profiles under the settings menu.

V800 cadence

- Team Polar

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