Polar V800 software update 1.6.23


Were you wondering about your fitness levels going down lately? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that it was actually not your fitness that has dropped, it was a nasty bug that made you less fit.

Update your V800 to the new software version 1.6.23 which is released today and redo the Fitness test on your V800. Now you should get a result from the Fitness test which reflects your real fitness level and you can concentrate solely on your training!

Detailed release notes for the Polar V800 from here.

Fixes in Flow web service

We’ve also done a few fixes over the week to the Flow web service to enhance the usability. Some of the sport profiles had been acting up and did not open up for editing. Happy to say, this has now been corrected and you’re able to continue customizing those sport profiles to your needs.

You can check out rest of the fixes from Polar Flow Release Notes.


-Team Polar


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