Polar V800 1.1.70 release out now with new enhancements


Polar V800 1.1.70 has now been released with exciting new enhancements. Check them out!

Support for Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart

Polar V800 now supports bike power data. Power measurement helps you to develop your cycling performance and technique. It gives instant feedback by measuring accurate power output in watts, displays your left and right balance as well as the current and average cadence, and shows how you use force against the pedal with the force vector feature.

Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart will be available in October 2014 and compatible with both Polar V800 and Polar V650. There may be some limitations to availability in your region, but hold tight, we’ll get it to you soon enough!

Polar power implementation follows standard Bluetooth Smart specification for power data. Our priority has been to get our own Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart fully working before improving 3rd party sensor compatibility. The target is to improve compatibility for selected 3rd party power sensors in the upcoming releases. More detailed schedule for improvements will be confirmed later.

Read more here.

Improved tap settings

The tap gesture is a very handy way of performing different functions, for instance checking your recovery status in time mode or taking a lap during training. We’ve improved the functionality and added a new level to tap sensitivity, Very strong, so that you’ll have better control over how sensitive your device is when tapping the display.  Now you can also adjust the sensitivity separately for each sport. We also made it possible to turn the tap function off, and this can now also be easily adjusted from the quick menu during training.

Check out Tap function here.

Improved stride calibration

The Stride sensor Bluetooth® Smart is an ideal accessory for runners who want to improve their technique and performance. It measures your running cadence and stride length in addition to speed and distance data. We have made some improvements to the stride auto- calibration for better accuracy in speed and distance data. We have also improved the indication of incomplete calibration, in which case the speed/distance is now grayed out. We also added the option to use GPS for speed and distance and receive only cadence data from the Polar stride sensor.

Read more here.

Improved indication of whether Bluetooth Smart or 5 kHz is in use

Polar H7 is a hybrid sensor that transmits heart rate data using both Bluetooth Smart and GymLink (5kHz) technology. The ideal transmission method for all sports in V800 is Bluetooth Smart. The only exception is water sports, where 5kHz transmission is used because Bluetooth doesn’t function in water.

We have made some improvements that highlight the importance of Bluetooth Smart transmission. When the sensor uses 5 kHz technology to transmit heart rate information, the derived information is removed from the pre-training mode in all sports except water sports. Users are guided to touch to pair the sensor before starting their exercise. Heart rate information is grayed out during training in all other sports except water sports to clearly indicate that Bluetooth Smart is not in use.

Improvements to 3rd party sensor compatibility

Polar V800 already supports several 3rd party Bluetooth Smart sensors. However, there still remain sensors whose implementation is not fully consistent with the Bluetooth Smart specification so we have made some fine-tuning to improve compatibility with the following selected 3rd party sensors:

•        4IIII'S VIIIIVA Heart Rate sensor (also routing ANT+ data from speed, cadence and foot bod sensors)

•        WAHOO FITNESS RPM (cycling cadence)

•        SCHOCHE RHYTHM (cycling speed and cadence combo)

•        POWER TAP CSC sensor (cycling speed and cadence combo)

•        TOMTOM (cycling speed and cadence combo)


Interval timer

The interval timer is a handy tool for use in interval training. It tells you, for example, when to switch from a harder to a lighter period and vice versa. The timers can be time or distance based, giving you the freedom of planning your own individual training sessions.


We hope you are as excited about these enhancements as we are!


Happy training!

Team Polar


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