Polar V650 software update with Flow app support


It’s here; the Polar V650 now syncs with the Polar Flow app.

Update your Polar V650 software to version 1.4.5 using FlowSync, check that you have the latest Flow app on your mobile and you’re ready to analyze your training sessions on the go!

You can find detailed instructions how to sync you training sessions with the Polar Flow app from the How do I sync my Polar V650 with the Polar Flow app? -support document.

Polar V650 will sync with all devices with the iOS operating system starting with the iPhone 4S. For Android devices there are unfortunately a few limitations:V650 1.4 sw update

  • V650 will work with Android devices that use Android version 5.0 or newer.
  • Additionally the Android device should function as a Bluetooth low energy peripheral allowing the device to advertise its presence to a device wanting to connect. (If your phone does not support this mode, the application will inform you while syncing that your phone is not compatible)

At the moment, there are several combinations of hardware and software solutions in the market and we have been able to verify that with some Android devices syncing with the V650 works well. Unfortunately we’re not able to guarantee that syncing is consistent with all Android devices which do meet the technical requirements. We encourage our Android users to sync your device with the V650 and see does your phone meet the requirements.

Stay on track of the bug fixes and smaller enhancements from the Polar V650 Release Notes.


-Team Polar


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