Polar V650 software 1.2.4 update - 3rd party power sensors supported


Hope you’ve liked the map feature we brought to you in the last release? Based on the feedback from you guys we’ve slightly increased the font size of the street names and properties to help you choose that right route.

And here’s a bigger change – you can now take laps and change training views even if the buttons are locked!  When the display is locked laps can be taken by pressing the big red front button, and this we know winter lovers are going to like – you can also toggle between displays even with your gloves on since training views can now also be changed by pressing the side button shortly. This is also handy when it’s rainy and the screen must be locked since the heavy rainfall might interfere with the touch screen - now you can use the display lock and still be able to check out other training views.  You can read detailed description of the front and side button's functionality from this document.

Cycling cadence has been improved so that you can now do single leg drills and get cadence readings from each leg.

3rd party power sensors

From this release onwards, the V650 now fully supports the below 3rd party power sensors:

  • Power Tap P1 and G3
  • Stages power sensor
  • Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Trainer


We’re also happy to say that the challenges Windows 10 users might have had syncing their V650 with the newly Win10 operation system should now be in the past.

You can find detailed Release Notes for the V650 from here.

V650 1.2.3 update

Enjoy your ride!

-Team Polar

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