Polar V650 1.3.4 software update


Update your Polar V650 software to version 1.3.4 to enhance the usability of your cycling computer. 

For example, after the previous release, some users had detected the sensors were no longer paired to the V650 after the device was turned off. This is now fixed in this release and you’re able to re-pair the sensors to your V650 normally.

Also some erratic distance readings were bugging some users when cycling through long tunnels with the speed sensors in use. Happily, we’ve managed to improve the distance calculation in this release to better indicate the actual travelled distance.

Last but not least, this release has some backend preparations for the upcoming Flow app compatibility which is just around the corner, so stay tuned!

Detailed list of fixes can be read from the Polar V650 Release Notes.


Enjoy your rides!

- Team Polar

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