Polar M400 software update with running cadence


If you’re into running, it’s a good idea to monitor your cadence every now and then. Cadence is calculated by counting the number of steps you take per minute, and dividing it by two. For example, if your take 180 steps per minute counting both feet, your cadence is 90.

Software release for the PolarM400 now shows your running cadence from your wrist during your runs. There’s no need to calibrate, it is calculated automatically using the accelerometer.

After you’ve updated your device’s software to version 1.8.4 using FlowSync, go to the Flow web service and add cadence to your training view from the sport profiles. The wrist based running cadence is calculated for all sports that support the running cadence feature, such as running, walking, jogging etc. Remember to sync the new settings to your Polar device. It’s also good to check that you wear your Polar on the same hand you have set the handedness in Flow. This is crucial for accurate readings on your running cadence.  If you’re unsure, you can check the handedness from the Flow app or web service product settings.

And there’s more to come; during the upcoming months, we’ll continue working on the speed and distance metrics for the indoor running sports as well.


What else is included in the software update?

Training targets are a great way to keep track of your training and make sure you make the best of each training session. In this release we’ve added a nice feature where you can see today’s set target in pre-training mode before you start your session. This helps you find the training target easily and you can focus only on the upcoming and get ready for your session.

Bug fixes and small usage enhancements can be found from the M400 Release Notes.


It’s time for a run!

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