Polar M400 Smart Notifications for Android


This update brings so many handy and fun stuff to your Polar M400; we have some improvements, bug fixes and yes, the Smart Notifications for the Android devices.


M400 Smart Notifications for Android

Let’s start with the Android Smart Notifications, since we know you’re eager to get them into use. Update your device softwares to match the following:

  • Android 5.0 or later
  • Flow app for Android 2.4.1
  • Polar M400 1.7.1 (check the software version from FlowSync upper right corner behind the settings wheel)

Notifications are OFF by default.  Set the Smart Notifications feature ON in the Polar Flow mobile app as follows:

  1. Open the Polar Flow mobile app and sync your M400 with the application
  2. Go to Settings > Notifications
  3. Under Smart notifications choose ON

When you turn Smart notifications on, you will be guided to enable the notifications on your phone (i.e. give Polar Flow app an access to your phone notifications), if you haven’t enabled them. Enable notifications?  is shown. Tap Enable. Then choose Polar Flow and tap OK.

  1. Sync your M400 again with the mobile app

The Smart Notifications are notified by a light sound, which is ON by default. If you would like to turn the sound OFF, you can do it from the General Settings. You can block notifications from any app if you like using the Flow app. As soon as you’ve received the first notification from an app to your M400, the app will be listed in Settings > Notifications > Block apps and you can block the app if you wish.

Remember to sync your M400 with the mobile app whenever you change the notification settings on the Polar Flow mobile app.

Check out a more detailed description on the Android Smart Notifications for your M400 from here.


Other fun stuff in this 1.7.1 software release

This we already introduced to our V800 users a few weeks back and after using it a while it really has been a nice add-on to your training; during pause, you can now also see your burned calories and the travelled distance on the paused screen.  Another handy feature has been the possibility to turn off the backlight with a short upper left button press. This also is now available for your M400.

The interval timer just got a bit better with the sound alarm informing you that the phase about to end in a few seconds, so it’s time to speed up!

We’ve also added a small reminder for you about the care of your M400; “Rinse and dry the USB port frequently. Charge only when dry”. You’ll see this note a few times when you plug in your M400 for syncing. For detailed care instructions for your M400, check out the Care for your Polar post from here.

If you have some nasty bugs bothering you, check out the Polar M400 Release Notes to check if we’ve found a way to defeat them in this release.


Wonder which one is next for the Android Smart Notifications ;)


-Team Polar

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