Polar Loop 2 - The activity tracker that makes you rethink your day


The new Polar Loop 2 activity tracker is here! It is the activity tracker that motivates you to rethink your day and make those healthy choices throughout the day!

It comes in three trendy colors; Powder White, Charcoal Black and ladies yes, in Sorbet Pink! The new colors, Powder White and Sorbet Pink, wristbands are made of soft and flexible silicon and secured with a high-quality stainless steel buckle. As a nice twist the Charcoal Black has a new trendy dark chrome side bezel to spice up that familiar black appearance. The Polar Loop 2 is designed to be worn 24/7 so the wristband is customizable to fit all and to ensure a comfy fit.

As its predecessor the Polar Loop 2 is made to track the user’s daily activity, workouts and sleep. It’s there to remind you if you’ve been sitting for too long. The Acitivity Goal on Polar Loop 2 is built over years of research which is based more than just steps. It is customized to your personal details and choice of activity level, and it fills up during the day based on the amount and intensity of your activity.  As a new feature, the Polar Loop 2 gently vibrates reminding you to get your move on if you haven’t been up for a while. It even displays and vibrates for incoming calls and messages as well as calendar alerts. When those mornings feel too much of a work, you can now set the Loop 2 to gently wake you up when it’s time to rise and shine.Loop 2 whi pink

Hook up the Loop 2 with Polar H7 heart rate sensor and make sure you don’t skip a beat. When you use your Loop 2 with a H7 Heart Rate sensor, the Polar Loop 2 will show your live, accurate heart rate on your wrist while you work out with only a touch of a button! You’ll know exactly how many calories you’ve burned and the Energy Pointer guidance lets you know if you’re burning fat or improving your fitness. The Training Benefit feature ensures you’ll get motivating feedback right after your workout to your Flow app.

The Loop 2 Powder White and Sorbet Pink are now available globally. The Polar Loop 2 Charcoal Black will be available at major retailers and online stores in the USA and Canada during September 2015 and global availability is reached during November 2015. Polar Loop 2 is sold for the suggested retail price of 119.90€ / 119.90 $. The H7 heart rate sensor can be bought separately from your nearest Polar retailer or Polar webshops.



-Team Polar


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