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There’s a new feature in Flow; the Activity timeline. See with just one glimpse all of your daily activity and health benefits. The new visual activity timeline shows when you have been active during your day, when you've been sitting too much, what time you went to bed and woke up and of course all those important training sessions you’ve been sweating out. 

To see how your day looks like, sync your device, go to your Flow diary and click on the Activity timeline tab. You can see the activity timeline only with Flow compatible activity tracking devices, not with M450 and V650 cycling computers.

The summary above the timeline shows you the basic data of your 24 hour day and how well you’ve hit the daily activity goal.

You can also easily compare your activity, steps, burned calories and night sleep to the previous few days from the chart below the timeline. 

From the bottom of the screen you can see the health benefits from your daily activities. You can even help your brain stay sharp by just keeping active!

For more information, check out this video. Read more about activity trackers and their benefits in the Polar Blog.

Please note that at this time users with only M600 devices cannot see the Activity timeline in their Flow. Rest assured, we will bring it for them later in the near future in a separate Flow release.

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