Polar Flow usage improvements


This Flow release focused on improving the usability of the service based on the feedback we’ve got from you guys. 

If you’re part of a group in our new Polar Community, it’s now easier to follow up on the comments to your post. When someone comments on your post, click on the notification and you’ll be directed straight to the post and you can instantly see the new comments marked with an orange color.

Single feed pic

Another usage improvement is the character counter which we added to the groups section as well. You can see how many characters you still have left while writing a post or a comment.

After this update, you now have the option to remove a follower. You can find this option behind your profile in the Flow web service. Open the list where all your followers are listed and you’ll find a button “remove follower” next to the profile you want to unfollow.

We also did some small improvements to the activity reports and Facebook share. For example, the shared training sessions now have a nicer outlook when opened with the Facebook app.

For a detailed list of the fixes and improvements, check out the Polar Flow Release Notes.


-Team Polar

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