Polar Flow update with new quick targets


Need some guidance to get you through that tough workout? We’re here for you! Creating workout targets is easier than ever before with the help of the renewed target creation in Flow.

You can locate the “Add” -> “Training Target” from your Flow Diary. After this you can choose what kind of a target you wish to create and easily add it as a favorite if you like. Then it’s just up to you to get your move on and we’re there to you guide you through your workout. 

new target

Noticed the new Interval target already? We made it easy for you to quickly create an interval target that best suits your needs.

Interval target new


Running program enhancements and fixes

The Polar Running Program has inspired so many of you to great results and we’ve also gotten some useful enhancement ideas for the program. We have heard and listed each and every one of your requests and in this release we decided to start from the program creation phase. From now on when creating a new Running Program you can mark the days when you’re not able to hit the tracks and the program will create the planned target around these dates.

And for those who have an ongoing program we made it possible for you to move the planned training targets to another day on the same week if you for example missed a session or something unexpected came up and you need to reschedule your run.

And not forgetting those important bug fixes. Some of our users had reported double targets, the other one being a ghost target with zero values. This spooky bug is now fixed to get rid of those haunting targets.

There were also some issues with the targets not merging as one with the training results. Not to worry, this release also fixes this flaw and after syncing the training results are merged with the targets.

Keep track of the fixes and releases from the Polar Flow Release Notes.


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