Polar Flow for Coach - online training tool for coaches and personal trainers


Polar Flow for Coach is designed for personal trainers and coaches to conveniently connect with their clients and monitor their progress and results. Polar Flow for Coach is an online service that uses data tracked by the client’s Polar Flow compatible training device or activity tracker. With this information coach can follow their client’s progress and see if the training plan requires adaptation or if it is the client who needs some extra boost or additional guidance. Registering a Polar Flow for Coach account is completely free of charge!



Polar Flow for Coach has several unique features:

  • Coach has his own feed, a timeline which summarizes the latest activities from clients.
  • From the diary the coach can view the client’s training and activity data and navigate easily between several clients’ diaries. The coach can drop a private message or feedback to the client quick and easy while viewing the client’s training results.
  • Coach can add training targets which the client can then easily sync to their training device for training guidance. The Training Targets are available for Polar A300, M400 and V800 training devices.
  • Coach can also follow client’s recovery status if the client is training with Polar V800.
  • Reports help the coach to keep track of client’s training progress and trends over a longer period of time. Single training sessions and test results can be accessed for detailed analysis. Training and R-R recording sample data can also be exported.
  • And on a later date, a feature we’ve all been waiting for; a possibility to add trainings manually to the service!


To see more, check out Polar Flow for Coach from here.

-Team Polar

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