Polar Flow app 3.2 for iOS and Android


Now it’s time to show what you’re made of! Flow app just got a whole lot cooler with the possibility to share images, create sport profiles and targets directly from your mobile and link your phone’s calendar with your Flow app! image share

Image share

The new image share function lets you share your training data on top of your images. You can choose to either share an existing photo or take a new one and customize it with your training data. There are plenty of options to choose from so go ahead and let your inner artist free. If you’re not up for a selfie, you can share your route
instead by choosing the snapshot option. If you’re ready for a pic you can find the image share button from your feed or from the training analyze view.

To get tips on how to share, check out the How do I share images along with my training sessions -document for help.


Target creation

Need some guidance to make the most out of your training? Create a target directly from your mobile using Flow app, sync it to your Polar and you’re good to go! You have the option to create a quick target with duration, calorie or distance goals or a phased target for those interval sessions. After you’ve created the target, it shows up as grey on your Flow app calendar. Don’t forget to sync it to your Polar before your session. After that sweaty session, you can see how you did by comparing your target to your result.

Detailed steps on creating a target can be found from the How do I create training targets?  -document.

target creation flow app



Now that you have those targets on your Flow app calendar, it’s time to integrate your training with the rest of your schedules.  Sync your training sessions and targets from your Flow app to your Google calendar or iCalendar There’s a few tricks you need to do to get it rolling so have a look at the Can I add my training sessions to my mobile's calendar -document for instructions how to link your Flow app to your calendar.


Sport profiles

Last but not least, you can now add and remove sport profiles easily via your Flow app. You can choose from all the same sport profiles as we have in Flow and choose up to 20 sport profiles to sync to your device. After making changes to the sport profiles, don’t forget to sync them to your Polar device.


-Team Polar

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