Polar app version 1.4 for M600 users with Android phone


With Polar app’s newest version for Android phone users, you’ll get new features working on the Polar app while you’re training:

Touch lock

You can now lock the screen of your M600 so that it won’t react to touches during exercise. Once you’ve started a training session, swipe down from the top of the screen and swipe left to get to the Screen lock view. Then just tap the open lock icon to turn the Screen lock ON for the current training session.

Music controls

If you’re listening to music from the phone you’ve paired with your M600 or from the Google Play Music app on your M600, you can control the music without exiting the Polar app during training. When you’ve started to record a training session, swipe down from the top of the screen to find the music controls.

You can find instructions on how to listen to music on your smartwatch from the Android Wear Help site.

Read more information about the other functions during training from the M600 e-manual.

With this update, you’ll also be able to see new data about your training sessions:

Altitude information

At this moment, you can see your maximum altitude and ascended and descended meters/ feet in the training summary in the Polar app on your M600 and in the Polar Flow app and web service after the exercise.

Starting from week 49, you’ll be able to see real-time altitude information during exercise. Just add Altitude to your sport profile’s training views in the Polar Flow web service to see current altitude on your Polar app during training. You can also add a variety of training views to see ascended and descended meters/feet during training.

Running cadence

You’ll also be able to see your Running cadence after the training session. You don’t need a separate stride sensor for this because your cadence is measured with a built-in accelerometer from your wrist movements.

Cadence from the wrist is available in the following running type sports: Walking, Running, Jogging, Road running, Trail running, Treadmill running, Track and field running and Ultra running. You’ll see your average and maximum cadence after the training session in the training summary in the Polar app on your M600 and in the Polar Flow app and Polar Flow web service.

After the Polar Flow web service update on week 49, it’s also possible to add Running cadence to your training views and to see your running cadence during a training session.

See this support document if you need a reminder on how to edit sport profiles in the Polar Flow web service.


Other improvements/fixes included in this release:

  • You’ll get notifications to your M600 to remind you of planned training sessions
  • You can use a wider range of wrist gestures in the Polar app. Find out more from the support document.
  • Bug fixes improving quality.

The Polar app on your M600 will be updated automatically when you update the Polar Flow app to version 3.2.8.

Older Polar app release notes are available here.

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