Polar app version 1.3 for M600 users with Android phone


With Polar app version 1.3 all Polar M600 owners using Android phones can now mark a lap manually during exercise. Just press the Polar button while training and you’ll see a manual lap view appear in your Polar app. The manual lap data is saved and synchronized to Flow app and Flow web service after exercise.

The new release of Polar app also brings the Training load feature to your use. With Training load you’ll get textual feedback on the strenuousness of a single training session, and you’ll be able to compare different types of training sessions with each other. You’ll see a description of your training load after each session in the training summary. Read more detailed information on this new feature in your Polar app from the M600 support pages.

Other improvements/fixes included in this release:

  • Minor bug fixes.

The Polar app on your M600 will be updated automatically when you update the Polar Flow app to version 3.2.7.

Older Polar app release notes are available here.

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